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Street Furniture

Street Furniture
Consegna: 3 giorni (spedizioni il mercoledì)

di: Chris van Uffelen
Editore: Braun Publishing AG
Anno: 2010

Testo: inglese
ISBN: 9783037680438
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Street furniture is the secret star of urban outdoor design. Though rarely noticed at first glance, it significantly contributes towards the urban experience. Benches, fountains, street lamps, rubbish bins, post boxes, tourist information signs, bus stops as well as public toilets are items that reoccur in various urban spaces. Just like outstanding monuments and landmarks, they determine the identity of a square, street or town. This volume introduces 100 exceptional examples of contemporary street furniture, presenting both items that are one-of-a-kind as well as objects that are part of a product series.


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