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03D - Da zero a tre dimensioni

03D - Da zero a tre dimensioni
Consegna: 3 giorni (spedizioni il mercoledì)

di: Francesco Collotti, Giacomo Pirazzoli
Editore: biblioteca del cenide di Rigoli Bianca Maria & C. s.a.s.
Anno: 2007

Testo: italiano, inglese
ISBN: 9788887669534
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Ø3d is a former book - mostly an idea or a part of it - and it’s conceived as a link between research, professional work and teaching (all together: learning). Inside, Ø3d has got a treasure of energy due to the people who take part on it; outside, thanks to the website free diffusion, we wish it will sprawl an open proposal for a sustainable, site specific and responsible contemporary architecture. As authors, we are what we’re doing; and we do know that this work is quite far from the fashionable, global, glamorous, unsustainable and a bit ridiculous star system architect’s market: sorry, both of us were born in Italy, a former place itself. Finally, we think Ø3d is also the best way to express our gratitude to the people having helped and supported ourselves and our work.


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